Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forever Daddy's girl!!!

I write this post with a VERY sad heart!!
This morning the first man in my life to ever....
  • hug me
  • smile at me
  • call me Baby
  • listen to my endless chatter
  • support me in everything I ever did (except when I paid too much for something)
  • cry when I had to leave him
  • cry whenever I came to visit him
  • taught me how to Garage Sale without paying much for anything
  • share his good looks with me (HAHA)
  • make me feel special
  • tell me he loved me
  • not let me get too emotional about anything
  • teach me how to use EVERY dish in the house before I did dishes
  • introduce me to hours of watching golf on Sunday afternoons
  • mail me long letters just about every week my first year away from home
  • show me what one's house would look like, if they became a PACK RAT (because of his wonderful example....I SAVE NOTHING!!!)
  • made me feel that nothing was more important than me

had a massive heart attack and will never be able to do any of these things ever again. Oh how I miss my dad already. My life will NEVER be the same again.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I am back

It has been so long since I posted that it would take me forever to catch I will take the lazy way out!! I am just going to post pictures of two things that happened this week and explain them a little bit. I will post more next time.
This first series is of the time that I lost Joel in the house. I looked all over the house and called his name several times, but got no response. Then I heard a sucking sound. I went toward the sound and this is what I found.

Joel grinds his teeth so badly at night while he sleeps, that the orthodontist told us to keep giving him his paci during the night. I take the paci away every morning and keep it in a "safe" place for the day. Apparently this day Joel just couldn't wait for bed time!! (Yes..the boy's paci is PINK. It was the only color available one desperate day at Walmart!!!)

This next series is of camp entertainment at its best!

When I came out of my house there were some other boys out there watching too, but they left while I was running to my house to get my camera. It was such a cute sight to see the lawn littered with boys just staring up at this tree being cut down. NO GIRLS in sight.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Random happenings of today

  1. Joel put a piece of apple in our toaster oven, turned it on to 500 degrees, and made our house smell that awful burning smell.
  2. I took the children to the beach for the afternoon.
  3. I left our backdoor open, which made it easy for a humming bird to enter our house, caught humming bird in a Tupperware container, and took humming bird outside again.
  4. Talked on the phone to SEVERAL people, I did not call one of them.
  5. Got up at 5:45 this morning to roll out cinnamon rolls, took a nap after dinner tonight, and will probably be up well into tomorrow morning.
  6. Allowing the girls to have a sleepover tonight!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boys like boy things

Today Joel and I were at Rite Aid to get his prescription. (He apparently has the starting of Pneumonia) The pharmacy was running a little behind, so we spent some time in the toy aisle while waiting. I so wish that I had a video of our time in that aisle. It was very entertaining and enlightening for sure. Since I do not have a video, I will try my best to convey what took place. Imagine a toy aisle with "girl" toys on one side and "boy" toys on the other. As soon as we walked to the aisle, Joel ran to the "boy" side. He talked nonstop about each of the toys hanging there. "Mommy, I need this plane. I need this gun so I can shoot Hayden. I need this ball. I want this car." His little eyes were so huge and excited about all the toys. We spent about 10 minutes in this state, walking back and forth and him retelling me all the toys he needed. I went over to the "girls" side and picked out a doll. I interrupted Joel mid sentence to show him the pretty little doll that was in my hands. I half expected him to say, "I need that baby." But he wasn't the least bit interested. Instead he stopped talking, turned toward the doll, and just stared at it for about 4 seconds. Then just as quickly he turned back around and started talking about all the "boy" things. It really intrigued me. I waited about 5 more minutes and the whole thing repeated itself. He looked at that doll as if it were an alien. It was the funniest thing to me. There is NO denying that he is ALL boy!! And I LOVE him so much!!! There is no way that a person could convince me that boys and girls are alike. I never trained Joel to LOVE tools, cars, guns, dirt, and balls. It is totally just natural!!

One more thing, Joel said something cute the other day and I just have to share it! He wanted to call my mom to let her know that the car that she bought him now had bad batteries in it. I let him call just so that she could hear him talk to her. He and mom talked for some time about the car. At one point to keep the conversation going, Mom asked him, "Joel what kind of batteries does it need?" He looked at the phone for a second and then replied, "Uhhh GOOD ONES!"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

She said it!

Yesterday Amy had been outside for sometime when she noticed this bush in our front yard.
She came running into the house and excitedly proclaimed, "Mommy, Daddy our thorn bush is growing ROSES!!"

I understand her confusion. Indeed this little bush does seem more like a thorn bush than a rose bush, because it only has roses for about three weeks a year!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


These pictures were taken recently. I sure wish that I could get some good pictures of all the children! Which doesn't seem possible right now, because Joel runs from the camera and Lauren and Daniel do a grown up version of running away....they give me really weird looks and won't smile. So for the two children that enjoy getting their picture taken here's what I got!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First camp of the season

Yesterday was the first day of this Family Camp season. God is teaching me a lot already. The main thing I am concentrating on is....take it one day at a time! I don't know if you struggle like I do, but I often overwhelm myself by worrying about the future. This is going to sound bad, but this is truly one of my deepest thoughts. I honestly see myself stuck here at this camp for the next 50 years....I see no way out!! I know though that I must stop thinking like that. God tells us to not worry about tomorrow, today has enough concerns of its own. I have done well so far, well I did great until this afternoon and then I blew it for about 30 min., but I am doing much better now. I am trying to live moment by moment!!