Thursday, January 26, 2012

Past 4 days

Sunday ~ Had a first that day.  Emily and I went grocery shopping for the week only to return to a house that had just lost electricity!!  Praise the Lord for the Michigan winter weather.  I am happy to report that we didn't lose any of the freezer or refrigerator food.

Monday ~ Had a mildly sick child,

Tuesday ~ (Joel loves getting the mail every chance he gets.  This is what transpired shortly after he came back form the mailbox.)
Me-Joel was there any mail today?
Joel- Nope not a thing.  Not even a screw or a lemon.

Wednesday ~ Working hard on losing this extra weight.  Feeling so good right now, which has made me wonder......Why do I go through spurts of eating like a maniac, eating total junk, and feeling horrible?

I also updated the blog pictures.  And let me just say that the new pictures make me want to blog.

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Thomas and Lisa said...

Love the photos of your family!

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