Saturday, January 30, 2010

more on THE house

We placed our bid Thursday evening. We found out on Friday that our bid is not the biggest bid. This may sound strange, but I have not given up hope that our bid will be chosen. I have seen God's hand in this whole process. I have been praying and begging God for a GOD house. If God gives this house to us with a smaller bid, then how can anyone deny that God did it!!!!
Oh all I want in this whole house buying adventure is for the Lord to be glorified!! If losing this house will glorify Him most then I do not want the house at all!!
Please pray for the owner as he makes the final decision as to what bid to accept. His name is Hiram Rester and he is a Bible preaching PASTOR!!!!! I never even dreamed of asking the Lord for the previous owner to be a pastor!! Oh it would be SO awesome to live in a house that the Lord was already a part of!!
KEEP PRAYING!!! We will keep you up to date as soon as we know anything!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

PRAY with us!!!

We found what we think is our forever home!!
The only thing keeping us from buying it is the bank. The house is a short sale opportunity. We are most likely going to put a bid in for it on Monday...depending on the monthly electric bill average!!
This house would be a GOD house!! Which simply means there would be NO OTHER explanation for our getting the bank to accept our offer without GOD turning the hearts of the bank people to favor us!!!
PLEASE PRAY with us!!! We only want what God knows is best for our family!!
Here is why we LOVE this house....5 bedrooms, or 4 bedrooms and a study, school room, huge living room, massive kitchen and dining room, master bedroom on main floor, kids rooms upstairs, big basement, entire house is almost three times bigger than the house we live in now!!! It is located in the school district that we really want for our children, located on 2 acres of land, and only a mile or two from town!!
I am working hard at not getting too excited!! I do not want to be disappointed if God chooses to not give it to us!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What's new

SNOW...and tons of it!!
Less than a week ago, I wasn't sure that it would really snow much this winter. Boy was I wrong!! I wish that I had some pictures to post. It is absolutely beautiful outside and it is supposed to keep snowing all week long.
Our Christmas was awesome!! Just the seven of us spending the day together!! I loved it!
New Years was great too. Just 230 of us rang it in together. The whole family had a blast!!
I absolutely LOVED the break from school!! We started home school again today as planned, but Lauren's school was canceled because of the snow. I thought that she would be excited about it, but she was disappointed. She is READY to get back into the schedule of it all.
Jeff and I are looking at houses. We have to move eventually, so we figure that we should look now while the tax credit is still available. I am very excited right now about the school district that we are looking in. I have been told that it is a public school system that is as close to a private school as possible!! They also have LOTS of opportunities for home schoolers! The only draw back is the commute to work that Jeff will have to do everyday. We have been VERY spoiled in the commute any amount of time seems like a long time. He will no longer be able to walk to work no matter where we move, but is 25 minutes too far away?