Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Perspective changers

I fell in love all over again this weekend.  I was watching my dear husband play in the pool with our children.  It was there that I remembered WHY I fell in love with him.....his patience and his love for children.  I wanted my husband to be a Great Daddy and that is exactly what I got!!!   Thank you Honee for being everything that I wanted you to be!!!

Today I was visiting a friend and her mom.  We were talking about vacations that this family had taken.  I of course felt a little sad, because we have never really taken any family vacation that didn't have us visiting extended family members.  Just to travel for the fun and the experience of it all.  I mentioned to the mom that we have never done anything like that.  She looked at my daughter and said to her, "Your mom chose to have children instead.  It costs a lot of money to go on vacations with such a large family."  I hope that I NEVER forget the way I feel right now.  I chose to have children and I wouldn't trade ANY of them for the most fabulous vacation!!!

Thank you Lord for these reminders!!!  You are so AWESOME!!!

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