Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you love them.....

DON'T buy them a Visa Gift Card!!!

My four older children were each given one last year for Christmas. We went out the next day and they each spent some on their card. To make things a little less confusing, Jeff and I bought the cards from the children so that they could put the remainder of their gift in the bank and save it. I planned on using the cards at Walmart for groceries. The cards got set aside for a few months. When I finally went to use them, the Walmart thingy said that they were not recognized. The dear cashier tried many different things, but it would not take the cards. I went home and called the card company. I was able to talk to a really sweet lady, who told me that nothing was wrong with my cards. She told me exactly how much was on each card and then told me what the problem was. I was told that the amount due can not be for more than what the card has on it. The card is not at all like cash. I could not swipe a card to get that money toward the total. She told me that I had to use each card for a seperate purchase. I was told to take calculator with me when I went to use them. This all meant that to buy groceries I had to REALLY think and plan ahead....not my two favorite things to do when there is a long line of people behind me. Just incase you are not getting the total picture I want to explain further. In order to use the card that had $22.43 on it, I had to either count out just enough groceries to add up to 22.43 or have the cashier total up my entire purchase and then use my calculator to subtract 22.43 from the total, pay the difference and fianally I could swipe my little gift card for $22.43 and it would supposedly take it!! These little gift cards were beginning to look like gift curses. I set the cards aside for several more months, why not....the expiration date wasn't until 11/09! This weekend I got brave. I brought Jeff with me to figure out the total and I would swipe the card. My dear husband did an excellent job. He would grab something out of the cart and I would tell him the price. He added up everything so nicely. We went to check out and it was for 30 cents over the cards limit. NO PROBLEM... I just handed the thirty cents to the fun cashier and then I swiped my gift card curse. PROBLEM!! The thingy did not recognize my card again. The dear cashier tried everything she could think of. I even paid more with cash and tried for a lesser total. NO GO! I was not happy with our little gift curse. I went home and called the card company again. A new problem now called MONTHLY SERVICE FEES!!! While I was to intimidated to use these cards the card company was charging me money!! We lost over $22.00 in fees. It would have been more if one of the cards had not been almost all used up. I have to go spend the remainder of the money before the first of the year or I will lose another $2.50 per card. Now do you see why you should NEVER give someone you love one of these cards??

A little side note....guess what I received in the mail the day all this happened. ANOTHER VISA GIFT CARD!!! I am taking it to Walmart and buying me a Walmart gift card for the same amount!!! That way I can spend it hassle free whenever I want!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration today.  We decorated with signs, streamers, and a left over balloon from Joel's birthday.  We ate ice cream and cake and I gave a gift to Jesus.  My gift was a promise to not give up on a certain relationship in my life.  I am going to treat this person like I would Jesus...regardless of the fact that this person does not act like Jesus.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch and enjoy....

I am not smart enough to download a video from YouTube onto my own blog.  So please visit my friend Tyler's blog to watch it!  You should get a great laugh and maybe understand a little what big families go through.  I do not consider our family really big, but we have experienced some of these things.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's my Birthday today!!

Here I am as Miss America.  Praise the Lord that my legs don't look like that still!!!
I think that there are 13 candles on that cake.  Man did I ever look young for my age!
The above picture is me with my mom.  The picture below is me with my dad.  (Isn't that wall paper just beautiful?  I might have to ask for some for my next Birthday....NOT!)
Here I am at the park. 

Oh wait that's not me, that's Emily. 
The picture below is of me with Mr. and Mrs. Santa.
Here is my absolute favorite picture of me and the children.
Happy Birthday Me!
Mom and Dad, when you read this....know that I love you LOTS and thank you for giving me my life!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things I learned yesterday...

This stomach bug that my family has is not just limited to the kids.

Bleach must work for at least one family member in this house, because now I am the only person that has not had it. YET!

When you are taking a three year old out to the store....dress him yourself.

11 year olds don't think a three year old needs a coat when it is 20 degrees or less outside.

8 year olds remember to get a coat for the the three year old, but put it down somewhere between the the livingroom and the van.

Never again trust younger kids with that responsibility.

Look for said coat before you drive away from home.

Always wear two coats in case you need one for the three year old.

A three year old looks VERY funny in an adult coat.

People will stare at a three year old in an adult coat.

People just might think that the three year old needs a coat of their own and offer to buy them one.

Always take a diaper bag with you when you leave the house, even for just a quick run to the store.

Quick runs to the store can last five hours!

Keeping children out of the house for five hours can really help the one sick adult groaning in bed at home.

Just because it is snowing...the roads are not necessarily bad.

When the toilet gets clogged and the other adult in the house is sick....unclog it yourself.

11 year olds forget to tell you that they couldn't unclog it.

Toilets will spill ALL over the bathroom floor when they get flushed...if they are still clogged.

Going outside to pray in the beautiful snowy night, before you clean up the a VERY good idea!!!


When almond bark says to not overheat...I now know why!! Almond bark becomes very liquified and takes FOREVER to harden.

Wax paper will stick to your table, if hot liquified almond bark is placed on it to cool.

14 year olds like to stay up late, watch a movie with you, eat your creations and laugh at you!

I kid you not...this all happened yesterday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Son must you be so big?

Joel has learned something new today. He has figured out how to undress himself. It is freezing outside, not too warm inside, but he has proclaimed that he no longer likes clothes!! What am I going to do with this child?

He has also figured out when the camera is going to take a picture. I am getting way TOO MANY of these shots!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

I needed the encouragement

I entered a bunch of bloggy give aways and the Lord knew that I needed some encouragement this blessed stomach flu week. I WON a Radio Theater program from Focus on the Family from Elizabeth!!! I am so excited!! Thank you, Elizabeth for this great gift!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank you Lord for bleach!!

It is 2:50 AM and I have yet to sleep tonight! I have gone to bed at least four times, but everytime I get close to sleep someone wakes me after throwing up. My bathroom has been bleached from top to bottom twice already tonight. Our couch is also very clean now. Joel is watching a video and I am just waiting for the next thing to clean.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Nativity set

My mother-in-law got this Nativity set for my family probably 12 years ago!!  I LOVE THIS SET!!!  It is so durable.  Through the years all the kids have enjoyed playing with it.  This year it is Joel's turn.  He is the first one to actually PLAY with it.  He loves this thing and I so enjoy listening to him play.  He has cute names for certain items....Joseph is God, Mary is The Mommy, and the donkey is Donkey Boy (off of Pooh).

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am a little frustrated today.

1. I have been given this awesome coupon from and the website won't process my order. This has happened A LOT. I am ready to take Borders off my list of places to shop.

2.Jeff's Grandpa is in a nursing home. We were with his family for Thanksgiving and while there we visted Grandpa a couple of times. It broke my heart to see him in that YUCKY place!!! I can't seem to get it out of my mind! I want to go get him out and bring him to our house. He actually asked us to take him home with us. (He is only supposed to be in there for a little while. Just until he gains some strength. Right now Grandma can not take care of him totally. They are both in their 90's) Even though I know all this, it still frustrates me!

3.Something stupid happened this week and I realized that I am on the outside looking in...when I thought that I was on the inside looking out! Don't ask!

4.I can't keep the house clean, organized, or quiet.

5.All of Joel's new toys from his Birthday are every where. Just think...Christmas is just around the corner....YIPPEE!!!

I am done complaining. I have a wonderful husband, a fire blazing in the wood burning stove, school is almost done for the day, supper is already made (yeah for leftovers), I get to do dishes soon, and there hasn't been any requests for a video so far today!!! I am very blessed!!