Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My weekend

On Saturday morning, Jeff surprised me with a plan for us to go away for the night!!!  The boys were gone, so he figured that the girls could take care of themselves and Joel without a sitter!!  It didn't take much for him to convince me to do this....so I got up and booked a hotel. 
We took the children with us to swim in the pool for a couple of hours.  Then Jeff dropped them back off at home for the next 22 hours to be alone. 
I had a complete blast being alone with my man and the children apparently had a great time too.  When we walked into the house Sunday afternoon and announced, "We're home!"  This is the reply that we got from our most quick witted child, "If you don't have any good news to say...don't say any at all."  HAHA (Just a little twist on the quote from Bambi!!) 

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kelly said...

How nice to have some time away ;-)))... I love it when kids are checky but hilarious....I've got 5 children also, and my youngest is just like that
From kelly

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