Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boys like boy things

Today Joel and I were at Rite Aid to get his prescription. (He apparently has the starting of Pneumonia) The pharmacy was running a little behind, so we spent some time in the toy aisle while waiting. I so wish that I had a video of our time in that aisle. It was very entertaining and enlightening for sure. Since I do not have a video, I will try my best to convey what took place. Imagine a toy aisle with "girl" toys on one side and "boy" toys on the other. As soon as we walked to the aisle, Joel ran to the "boy" side. He talked nonstop about each of the toys hanging there. "Mommy, I need this plane. I need this gun so I can shoot Hayden. I need this ball. I want this car." His little eyes were so huge and excited about all the toys. We spent about 10 minutes in this state, walking back and forth and him retelling me all the toys he needed. I went over to the "girls" side and picked out a doll. I interrupted Joel mid sentence to show him the pretty little doll that was in my hands. I half expected him to say, "I need that baby." But he wasn't the least bit interested. Instead he stopped talking, turned toward the doll, and just stared at it for about 4 seconds. Then just as quickly he turned back around and started talking about all the "boy" things. It really intrigued me. I waited about 5 more minutes and the whole thing repeated itself. He looked at that doll as if it were an alien. It was the funniest thing to me. There is NO denying that he is ALL boy!! And I LOVE him so much!!! There is no way that a person could convince me that boys and girls are alike. I never trained Joel to LOVE tools, cars, guns, dirt, and balls. It is totally just natural!!

One more thing, Joel said something cute the other day and I just have to share it! He wanted to call my mom to let her know that the car that she bought him now had bad batteries in it. I let him call just so that she could hear him talk to her. He and mom talked for some time about the car. At one point to keep the conversation going, Mom asked him, "Joel what kind of batteries does it need?" He looked at the phone for a second and then replied, "Uhhh GOOD ONES!"

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Jennifer said...

Joel sound cute:) Wish we could spend some time with your family! I love having Sean:)

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