Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 year olds

Here is a conversation that Joel and I had yesterday.
ME: (starring at my adorable son) Joel, I wish you could stay 4 forever.
JOEL: 4 years old, Mom?
ME: Yes, Joel...4 years old.
JOEL: Mommy, why do you want me to stay 4 years old?
ME: Oh, Joel.  4 year olds are just SO cute.
Joel: (without missing a beat/ in a sing song voice) Mom, 5 year olds are cuter!

I am sure that you will be, son!

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Thomas and Lisa said...

The time seems to have gone by quickly. I remember when we were waiting for Joel to be born and now he is on his way to be a "cuter" 5 year old!

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