Saturday, January 23, 2010

PRAY with us!!!

We found what we think is our forever home!!
The only thing keeping us from buying it is the bank. The house is a short sale opportunity. We are most likely going to put a bid in for it on Monday...depending on the monthly electric bill average!!
This house would be a GOD house!! Which simply means there would be NO OTHER explanation for our getting the bank to accept our offer without GOD turning the hearts of the bank people to favor us!!!
PLEASE PRAY with us!!! We only want what God knows is best for our family!!
Here is why we LOVE this house....5 bedrooms, or 4 bedrooms and a study, school room, huge living room, massive kitchen and dining room, master bedroom on main floor, kids rooms upstairs, big basement, entire house is almost three times bigger than the house we live in now!!! It is located in the school district that we really want for our children, located on 2 acres of land, and only a mile or two from town!!
I am working hard at not getting too excited!! I do not want to be disappointed if God chooses to not give it to us!!


Jenna said...

I WILL pray for you! We've had quite the roller coaster ride of late in our attempt to buy our first home - over a year of looking, multiple offers on multiple houses, etc. But with the house we are days away from closing on, I have literally seen the Lord turn the hearts of different people in our favor. It's been hugely challenging and a great blessing. I will be praying the verse in Proverbs for you (as I continue to pray for us!) - that the Lord would turn the heart of the bank where He pleases, and that it would be in your favor. :)

Thomas and Lisa said...

Praying that God will bring the blessing of just the right house to you soon!

Carra said...

Well be praying too!
It would be so great for y'all and what an awesome blessing from the Lord.

nettergirl said...


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