Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just wanted to say, "Hi." 
I so miss blogging everyday.  I miss hearing encouraging words from you all.  I miss making my life an open book.  You all have helped me through some really tough situations and I thank you for that. 
At this point I have NO IDEA who even reads this thing anymore and I hate that.  I feel very discouraged that I lost my bloggy friend world. 

Here is what is going on in my life today...
I have a test tomorrow. 
I have a presentation to give on Depression next week. 
I am being forced to become a better mother.  Loving that I am getting better at it, but HATING the process that is bringing about this great change.
I am teaching Joel his ABC's.  This child just loves to learn.  It makes home schooling so much more fun when the child is actually excited about school!!
Needing to get out a letter to all our supporters to let them know that we are still alive here and that we truly appreciate their support!!
My dreams lately have been SO weird.  I am too embarrassed to even tell you about them.  Jeff just shakes his head at me and kind of laughs when I tell him about them.
I have given up desserts for an entire year!!!  One week down....51 more to go!!  If you want to know why I would do such a thing, just ask me and I will GLADLY tell you.


Jenna said...

I'm still here, Judith! Do tell about your dessert fast. :) I gave up all sugar for a couple of months a few years back, and it was SO hard, but SO good for me.

Speaking of dreams - hold on, let me back up. We are expecting baby #3 (woo hoo!) and during pregnancy I dream ALL of the time - it's weird. Anyhow, I had a great dream the other night that my family had come up to LARCC. I was so refreshed when I woke up after dreaming about being there and catching up with all of you guys. It's so calm and peaceful and green up there, and I miss it dreadfully at times.

GE is me said...

I still pop in now & then. It seems facebook is the place to be & that most of the blogs I read, (mine included) have drifted off to FB. I have been wondering how things are going. What happened with the house situation a few posts back? HOW is nursing school going? Did you decide to send Lauren to school vs. home schooling her? I also saw where you were thinking about making your blog by invitation only. I hope I'd be allowed to stop by & read. You have said some very encouraging things during the time I've read your blog. :) Thank you for sharing.

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