Saturday, January 30, 2010

more on THE house

We placed our bid Thursday evening. We found out on Friday that our bid is not the biggest bid. This may sound strange, but I have not given up hope that our bid will be chosen. I have seen God's hand in this whole process. I have been praying and begging God for a GOD house. If God gives this house to us with a smaller bid, then how can anyone deny that God did it!!!!
Oh all I want in this whole house buying adventure is for the Lord to be glorified!! If losing this house will glorify Him most then I do not want the house at all!!
Please pray for the owner as he makes the final decision as to what bid to accept. His name is Hiram Rester and he is a Bible preaching PASTOR!!!!! I never even dreamed of asking the Lord for the previous owner to be a pastor!! Oh it would be SO awesome to live in a house that the Lord was already a part of!!
KEEP PRAYING!!! We will keep you up to date as soon as we know anything!!!


Heather Transeau said...

Nothing's impossible with God! We'll be praying!

Tanner K. said...

Hi, I think it is so cute that you do this and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to check out my blog:

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