Friday, November 20, 2009

Offences and quick clean ups

Have you ever taken up someone else's offence? I am doing this right now for a dear friend of mine.....and I shouldn't be!!! It is making me mad at the person that offended her. I was literally shaking inside when my friend shared her heart with me. It just made me want to scream!!!

On a lighter note. We got a very unexpected visit last evening. Well maybe not very unexpected....they did call us 5 minutes before they came to our house!! My family was able to do an incredibly fast clean up of the living room, kitchen area. It is basically the main part of the house that we live in... maybe 20x12. The couple came in, with the Christmas lights up on the walls and no other lights on, the house almost looked clean. I mean the main area almost looked clean. They never went up stairs, into the bathroom, nor did they go into our bedroom (which is where everything went that didn't look good out in the main area)! After they left, it honestly took me 20 minutes to clean up my bedroom from all the added stuff!! The time together went really well and they totally understood the clutter in such a small house with 5 children!!

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