Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank you Lord for bleach!!

It is 2:50 AM and I have yet to sleep tonight! I have gone to bed at least four times, but everytime I get close to sleep someone wakes me after throwing up. My bathroom has been bleached from top to bottom twice already tonight. Our couch is also very clean now. Joel is watching a video and I am just waiting for the next thing to clean.


Pegsy said...

Oh Judith, my heart goes out to you! I hope that as I type this, you are getting a much needed nap. I'll be praying for your family to get better SOON!

geisme said...

I like the picture of the day- you reading to Joel. Hope everyone is feeling better and you got a bit of sleep. Praying for health throughout the house.

Thomas and Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are struggling with sickness. God sees all you do for your family. I pray you will get the rest you need and all will be well soon.

Stephanie said...

bless your heart... hope everyone is well by now!! I hate the stomach bug.

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