Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things I learned yesterday...

This stomach bug that my family has is not just limited to the kids.

Bleach must work for at least one family member in this house, because now I am the only person that has not had it. YET!

When you are taking a three year old out to the store....dress him yourself.

11 year olds don't think a three year old needs a coat when it is 20 degrees or less outside.

8 year olds remember to get a coat for the the three year old, but put it down somewhere between the the livingroom and the van.

Never again trust younger kids with that responsibility.

Look for said coat before you drive away from home.

Always wear two coats in case you need one for the three year old.

A three year old looks VERY funny in an adult coat.

People will stare at a three year old in an adult coat.

People just might think that the three year old needs a coat of their own and offer to buy them one.

Always take a diaper bag with you when you leave the house, even for just a quick run to the store.

Quick runs to the store can last five hours!

Keeping children out of the house for five hours can really help the one sick adult groaning in bed at home.

Just because it is snowing...the roads are not necessarily bad.

When the toilet gets clogged and the other adult in the house is sick....unclog it yourself.

11 year olds forget to tell you that they couldn't unclog it.

Toilets will spill ALL over the bathroom floor when they get flushed...if they are still clogged.

Going outside to pray in the beautiful snowy night, before you clean up the a VERY good idea!!!


When almond bark says to not overheat...I now know why!! Almond bark becomes very liquified and takes FOREVER to harden.

Wax paper will stick to your table, if hot liquified almond bark is placed on it to cool.

14 year olds like to stay up late, watch a movie with you, eat your creations and laugh at you!

I kid you not...this all happened yesterday!


GE is me said...

Oh Judith, my heart & prayers go out to you.
Jehovah Raphe' you are the God that heals. Please bring health & healing to Judith's house quickly. Give her peace & strength to deal with all the sick ones. Keep her toilets from overflowing, yet let her cup overflow with your goodness & mercy.

Pegsy said...

O.K., I do NOT mean any disrespect, but this post had me laughing my head off! I'm sure none of it was funny at the time, but you managed to put a very humourous twist on the whole thing! Especially the parts about forgetting Joel's coat! Oh dear! What a gong show! At least is could only get better from there, and I pray that it did. Love ya!

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