Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a week

This week has been so good for me. God has asked me to do one of the hardest things I can ever remember doing. He wants me to TOTALLY trust Him with my husbands heart. I thought that I was "pretty" submissive, but He has shown me this week that it is not good enough to just be partially submissive. I need to be submissive in EVERY area. Well there is one specific area that I have reserved for myself. Imagine this, I didn't think that I could trust the God of this universe to direct my husband in what is best for our family. I have struggled GREATLY with this for years. I would "give" it to God and then find myself taking control again. I have given it to God again this week, but this time I didn't just say it....I wrote it on a piece of paper and laid it down on the alter. I bawled like a baby. I chose to TOTALLY trust God with my husband. I know that this battle is not over! Actually just typing this out is making me cringe, but I want so much to please the Lord and obey Him fully. I can't changed my husband.....ONLY GOD CAN!!! There really is such freedom in that knowledge. Now living it......I can only do it with God's help!!!

Now onto the more fun thing about this week. Lauren and Emily have been attending a drama camp during the day. Friday night they got to preform a play with the whole drama camp. Lauren sang her first SOLO in front of a crowd of about 200. She sang half of a song and her friend Sharon Weeks sang the other half. While Lauren was up on stage preforming, Jeff and I were beaming from ear to ear!! We were so proud of her. She actually looked like she belonged up there. Emily did great with her speaking parts. She also looked pretty natural. I can't imagine how two people who HATE to speak to a group, produced two children that seem to love it!! Only God knows how it happened!!

By the way, if you are interested in watching the exact services that Jeff and I are sitting in on, you can watch them LIVE over the Internet!!! Just go to Then click on the Revival Summit: live video stream. It should take you straight to the page. Services on Sunday morning start at 9:15 and go to probably 12:00 or so. Sunday night starts at 5:30. Monday through Thursday night begin at 6:30. If you get a chance to watch the services, I know that you will be TRULY glad that you did. Even Lauren is loving the services!!!

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