Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Jeff woke me up this morning and told me that he didn't think I looked a DAY over 35 .........just HOURS over 35!! Isn't he sweet! I am officially 36 years old today! Wow I remember when 20 seemed old!

Last year I came up with the BEST birthday present ever and I asked for it again this year!! I plan on asking for it for the next several years! Here is my brilliant idea, just in case you moms of small children need an idea for your birthday or Christmas gift.
Last year I turned 35. I asked Jeff for 35 hours at home BY MYSELF! I took those 35 hours in 5 hour increments. I ended up with 7 evenings or afternoons all to myself!! I spread those 7 times out over the entire year. During those hours, I spent my time organizing our house. It was so much fun to tear apart a room and be able to put it all back together without ANY interruptions!!! As far as I am concerned, that was like Heaven on earth!! This year I get 36 hours. I am SO looking forward to my time alone!! Everyone in the family wins. The kids get their dad's total attention, Jeff doesn't have to spend a dime for my gift and we all get a CLEAN house!!

I had a great birthday today. I invited some of my children's friends over for the evening. The house was filled with much laughter and excitement.....just as a birthday should be!!

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