Friday, December 7, 2007

Today's highlights

  1. Joel has a name for Lauren. Her official name from Joel is now.......Nauney (sounds like naughty)! Joel is obviously very perceptive of his sisters faults, because he also has a name for Emily. It is....Dissy (sounds like ditsy)! Enough said!!
  2. We had another fire tonight while using the stove. Emily was just frying up some ground turkey and flames started shooting out from under the pan. Cooking over a open flame is not my idea of fun!! I blew out the flames and we moved the pan to another burner.
  3. The children went outside to play most of the afternoon!!!
  4. I gave Jeff a haircut.
  5. I worked very diligently on our Christmas gifts for our supporters.
  6. I got three separate foot rubs today!! No my children were not just being kind. I did Lauren's HUGE pile of dishes and in return she has to rub my feet or back for 1 1/2 hours! She did two of her three 1/2 hours today and Daniel did the other 1/2 hour (for discipline issues)! Have I told you recently how great it is to have kids?

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