Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas party

This Tuesday night was our annual Life Action Ministries Christmas Party. Over the past several years, I had come to not like those "parties". In fact I didn't even go last year. Well this year's party was different. There is absolutely NO DOUBT about it! This year's was the best Christmas party we have ever had!!!! Four things made it so different. I will state them in order of least important to the last one being the most important difference.

  1. We were not required or even asked to dress up fancy. (huge for me, but the others are even better)
  2. They didn't hire outside entertainment. Talented staff, within this ministry, entertained us marvelously!! We all enjoyed it!
  3. Jeff usually has to work through the entire night. I usually find myself sitting without him most of the time. Not this year!! They hired teenagers to do the serving work. We were able to enjoy our party TOGETHER!!!
  4. This one is the real kicker. I will never forget it!! As stated in #2 Life Action did not hire entertainment. Which saved them about $3,000.00. (Don't ask me why they have ever paid $3,000.00 for entertainment! I can't remember one year where I think their worth was ever close to that much! I hope they never pay that much again! Okay, sorry I got a little side tracked there.) The ministry decided to split the money that was saved, 60 ways. Each share was $50.00. They offered a share to whom ever wanted it, but we could not use it on ourselves. We have to give it to people in our community. We can spend it how ever we want and on whom ever we want. The only thing that they asked is that we give it on behalf of Life Action Ministries. Life Action does not know the needs of all the people in our community, but since our ministry "family" is so huge we know a lot of people. I will post more this weekend about where we are giving. I AM SO EXCITED...can you tell?

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