Saturday, December 15, 2007

They are better than me

Lauren , Amy, Daniel, Emily and I decorated cookies the other day. They did better than I did!! I enjoy putting frosting on the cookies, but I don't care much for spending all that time decorating them. We had a great time together seeing what new ideas they could come up with.

We went out today to deliver some of those cookies, but we didn't give many away. At the first delivery, the man was not home. I drove right by the second delivery, I figured we could just deliver them on the way home....wrong. Third delivery, yes finally someone to give them to. Fourth delivery was never made either, but we plan on trying again tomorrow.

In the midst of our cookie deliveries, we went shopping to buy gifts, to give away, from Life Action. We had a blast buying things, but while we were shopping the roads got very ICY!! People were sliding off the roads. I do not like driving in the snow, but I hate ice even more. If I had known that it was going to be icy, I would never have left my house!!! On our way home from shopping, I slid through TWO stop signs and many other places. One of those slips was a miracle that we did not crash. I was going (sliding) as slowly as I could down a steep hill, at the bottom was a stop sign. I never did stop, not even close to stopping. I was headed straight for a truck crossing in front of me. I was totally calm though, a huge God thing!! I needed to turn the corner at the stop sign and it was as if God gently guided our van around the corner and we somehow slid up right behind the truck, without touching it!!! I hope my angels are getting their rest in anticipation of our commute to church in the morning! Jeff will be driving, Lauren will be in my seat in the front, and I will be in the back with the children where sight of the road is pretty much impossible. You know...what you can't see, can't hurt you!!

GOD, I WANT TO MOVE SOUTH!! In fact, my whole family wants to move south. Could you please move us SOON?

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