Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bright spots

Last night Joel came home from the service with a tummy ache. It was sad to see him in so much pain. The moaning lasted about an hour and (no kidding) then......the dam broke!!! After he finally got rid of ALL of the contents in his bloated tummy, I realized something. There were a couple of bright spots to this bug.

  1. Joel only wanted his MOMMY!! This is huge for me. He has always been a Daddy's boy!!
  2. I got to sleep on the floor with him. He held my hand and rubbed my head a few times during the night.
  3. He never missed the pail. He has GREAT aim and FORCE!!!
  4. He woke up feeling much better. His appetite is not back, but he does graze a little.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE HEALTH OF THE OTHER 16 PEOPLE LIVING IN THIS HOUSE!! We are confident in one thing.....God is in control!!


Anonymous said...

I do hope that Joel didn't have a bug, that anyone could get, and just ate something that didn't agree with him.
Lynn sent a package to you today. Nothing perishable. Seeing that you aren't home, will the postman still leave it for you?
Love to you and your family.
Joann and Bruce

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Hey Joann! Glad to have you visit here.
A package for us? I am so excited!! Yes, the mail will still be delivered to us. It goes straight to our camp office and they hold it all there until we get home.

Joann said...

I just talked to Lynn and she said Kendall woke up at 3AM holding her belly saying "owy". Lynn said she laid on her for 4 hours, and everytime she moved, Kendall yelled "MOM MOM". Some gas medicine helped her problem, but she insisted on holding onto her mommy.

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