Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our life today

Grammie got us a pool to play in. We can't wait to take it outside and put water in it!

It is 90 degrees here during the day. The water feels REALLY nice! (Yes, to anyone that is wondering, they both have TONS of sunblock on!)

The flower beside Joel is his favorite thing to play with outside. While "playing" with this flower, we have found out that he has GREAT aim. He stands on the side walk and throws stones at it to get it to spin. Joel LOVES to throw things. My biggest challenge with him at the moment is to get him to not throw things!!

When I went to take this picture, Joel was smiling at me. Somehow I took a picture of what looks like Joel listening to his whale say something. He moves very fast.

This is one tired boy. He feel asleep after eating lunch. This is the only time he is not moving fast.

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