Friday, March 23, 2007

Thanks Dad!!

I was wrong. Daniel's fever is GONE today!! I am so excited. He is doing much better.

Amy and I went to the doctor's this afternoon. She had a patch of warts that needed to be looked at. Well, not only did they get looked at, but they got frozen. Hopefully they will not bother her anymore.

I had the BEST conversation with my dad tonight that I have ever had with him before. We got to discussing his first jobs. I found out that he used to set up the bowling pins for bowlers. I was very interested in how this was all done. He did this during the winter and he caddied during the summer. He started working when he was 10!! When he caddied he would do it for around twelve hours a day and make only $6.00. I asked what he spent his money on and he mentioned candy, pop, and pizza. When he got his first full time job at 16, he QUIT school. I never knew that about him! (The things you learn when you ask the right questions) I wanted to know what he spent this money on and he said cars. The funny thing about his childhood spending habits is......that they are STILL his spending habits. That man never buys clothes, shoes, furniture or toys. The best thing about these habits though are, if he is not spending it on his own food or cars, he is buying us food or a van. (Thanks Dad, you take such good care of us!!) I love you, Dad. Thank you for sharing with me tonight about your childhood. I will cherish our talk for forever!!!

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