Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Please no more "FUN"

Okay, I will catch you up on everything. As you know the boys have been sick. I had been very busy taking care of them and trying to decide if I should take Joel to AZ with Amy and I or leave him because he was sick. Monday night I had made my mind up... I would leave him with Jeff! Tuesday morning I was so depressed. I didn't want to leave him. I was angry at God for not keeping Joel healthy. I cried and prayed. At around 9:00, we were getting ready to pack up the van. I went upstairs to get Joel up and he was happy for the first time in three days! I was so excited. Jeff and I figured that if I kept Joel really medicated, I COULD take him!! YEAH!! We worked real fast to get everything packed again for Joel. We got on the road in record time. The two hour trip to Chicago was uneventful and that my friends, was the end of uneventful for the rest of my day.
I planned for us to get on our flight in Chicago just in time to get into our seat and take off for our three hour flight. That THREE HOUR TOUR (as I lovingly call it now) took four and a half hours! Let me give you all the details. We were planned to leave at 1:40, but some paper work kept us at our gate. After 30 min. of the cockpit telling us about this "paperwork" a man came to the seat across from me and told the lady in it that she has to get off, because our plane is over our weight limit. ( The man in front of me said, "She didn't look that over weight to kick her off the plane!" I just about died! ) The cockpit voice came back on and told us that we were free to leave now. The reason for the delay was because there was a HUGE storm in Salt Lake City and we needed extra fuel for the turbulence ahead. Man were they right about the turbulence!! I have NEVER been bounced around so wildly before and for SO long!! I am glad that Amy is young enough that it will not make her fear flying. When we got to SLC we were heading to land at the north end. Then they made us go back up higher and go to the south side. This is NOT a joke, 15 min. later when we made it to that side they made us go back to the north side. After 45 minutes of seeing more of SLC than I ever cared to see in the first place we were finally cleared to land in 15 minutes...on the south side! ( I forgot to mention, that between each change of directions that we took we had to go back up into the STORM clouds. I promise you this...I was praying as though it was my last prayer. I begged God to take care of Jeff and the children and to let us die quickly! ) As we landed I saw my next plane at its gate. We were scheduled to take off on it in 5 minutes! Amy and I ran as fast as we could, but they left without us. They were very nice to put us on another plane....2 1/2 hours later. At first I was not happy about the whole thing, but after I called my dad I felt much better. ( This is a whole another story as to why I couldn't call Jeff at that moment. I forgot my calling card and we do not have long distance, so I couldn't call him collect.) I really feel that it was God that allowed us to be delayed in SLC. After 4 1/2 long, SCARY hours on that last plane, we NEEDED the break and the Burger King. Thank you God for suppling all my needs. We made it to Phoenix with out much problem. Actually Amy made a friend on that new flight. Her name is Miss Jenny and she let Amy talk to her almost the whole 1 1/2 hours. Thank you again God! Our day was almost done, we arrived in Phoenix at 11:00 PM! Amy and I went to bed around 2:00 in the morning. I had Joel on the floor next to my bed and Amy in bed with me. I was between stuffy nose (Joel) and heavy breather (Amy). Not much sleep for the weary, but I actually feel pretty good. I hope to get some good sleep tonight!

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Karen said...

I'm so glad you all made it safe and sound. I KNEW you'd have a "great/funny" adventure on your plane ride... those sorts of things always seem to happen to you.
We miss you guys! Have a GREAT TIME!
Carter and Hayden miss their "boating buddy" ;)

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