Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now this is FUN!!

I added three new pictures to the post from Thursday. They are from the Zoo

We are all doing so well here. The kids are having a blast!
Today we went to the mall for lunch and then headed to Build-a-bear Workshop! We had so much fun in there. Amy chose this cute little white and pink bear that she has named Loveable! She had her choice made in less than 2 minutes. She was very sure what she liked and went with it. I SO wish that I was like her in that area. I can't make up my mind very fast at all. I second guess my every move. Joel was wonderful the entire hour that we were in the workshop making the bear!! (PS....for aunts and uncles this would make for a great gift for that special little someone in your life. They have gift cards available!)

When we came home Amy and my mom went swimming and Joel took a nap! This has been our best day so far. I am going to have a hard time leaving this warm place. I just talked to Emily on the phone and she said that it might snow the day we return home! Maybe we should stay here a little longer!!

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