Sunday, March 18, 2007

I love my kids

Things that I love most about my children....
1. They make me laugh
2. They cause me to think of someone other than myself
3. Their HUGS
4. Their differences (only God could make 5 people SO totally different and yet SO much alike)
5. Their ENERGY
6. The way they play together
7. The sparkle in their eye
8. Their many talents and abilities
9. Their love for small children
10. Their love and acceptance for Jeff and me

(This is just a small list. I could go on, but I don't want you to get bored. This was so much fun for me, maybe I will write more another day this week.)

I would enjoy hearing from you. What are the things you love most about your children?


Jody Jennings said...

I love my kids too.

1. They love me so much
2. They are just SO huggable
3. Their correctable little hearts
4. The way they attack Jody when he comes home
5. The way they go to bed early.


Karen said...

1. Their engery
2. The way they attack life.
3. Their hugs and kisses
4. Carter says I'm getting skinner... who doesn't love that.
5. The way they make me laugh.
6. How much they love each other.
7. Did I mention their energy!

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