Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness

For those of you who have no idea what March Madness is, let me explain. College Basketball from noon until midnight!! The boys think it is great!

We girls think....well lets just say this picture says it all!!

Actually I am just teasing. We don't mind all the basketball. Lauren had taken this picture of Amy while I was away. I just thought that it would make for a great post!

Jeff and I worked at Granger again tonight. It was our last extra night. I had 10 children in my class. I was supposed to have 25! The low number made for a BLAST of a night. We all had so much fun. I honestly didn't want it to end!! One of the highlights of the night was sticking stickers on ourselves and each other. I wish that I had the picture that was taken of one of my helpers. She must have had over 100 stickers on her back. ( By the way, we were not wasting stickers. These stickers were going to get thrown away anyway. So I thought, why throw them away in the trash when we can just have some fun with them!!) You should have seen the parent's faces when they came to pick up their children. Some of them were very amused! I LOVED IT!

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