Saturday, March 17, 2007

The "new" toy

(This is the second time I am writing this post tonight. The first time... I was all done and went to publish it and it VANISHED. I lost the entire thing. I hope it works this time.)

The new fun thing to play with this day is a slide. Daniel brought it in from outside for Joel to play with. I was very nervous at first. I was sure that Joel couldn't do it by himself and that he would get hurt. Man was I wrong!! He went up and down the slide so many times all by himself! This is just one more piece of evidence that my baby is growing up!!

The other fun thing that we did today was to go to Daniel's LAST basketball game of the season! I wasn't allowed to rejoice for long enough. During the game, my friend reminded me that SOCCER starts next week!! Don't get me wrong. I love to watch my children play the games, it's the combination of games and practices that bother me. Both together are very time consuming! This season we have four playing, but only three teams to cordinate our lives around. The upside to this whole thing is that Jeff is coaching Amy's team. That is one practice that I do not have to go to.

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