Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Amy Jo

Amy and I went to the doctor's office twice today.  The first time was for her to be told that she has pink eye and a sinus infection.  The second time was to save us $58.00.  After the first visit we made our way across the street to Walmart to get the prescription.  When the prescription was ready, we were told that it would cost $70.00.  I told the cashier that I would need to talk to the doctor again, before I paid $70.00 for Amy's medicine.  Amy and I then went back to the office and I was able to talk to the doctor again.  I handed him the $4.00 prescription list from Walmart and asked him if he could please prescribe somethings off that list instead.  He was WONDERFUL about the whole thing.  He ordered Amy $12.00 worth of medicine instead!!!  I am so glad that I asked instead of just paying for the original prescription.

One more thing.....
I so wish that you all could have seen and heard Amy's reponse when I told her that she had pink eye.  She so nervously and cautiously said, "I do?  Oh no....does that mean I am going to die?"  At the moment it wasn't really funny, my poor little girl really thought that this was the end!   Now that I can look back at the whole thing though I have laughed many times.  She is so cute!!!  (Apparently her friend had just told her earlier that day, that when your eye turns all pink....you die! Thanks Jordan!!)


Pegsy said...

That's wonderful you were able to save so much money! Good for you! I hope Amy is feeling better soon.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a great doctor!!!!

She is cute - so sweet and innocent. Hope she is feeling better - the meds kick in quickly for that!

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