Sunday, January 18, 2009

A story and a couple of statements

Hey ya all. How are you doing?

I'll do the statements first.

  1. Still no computer at home...using Jeff's office computer now.

  2. Karen, I need you to make me a fun winter background! PLEASE!!!

  3. The falling snow is absolutely beautiful today!!!

Onto my story....

Jeff's back has been bothering him so he has been sleeping out on the floor by the wood burning stove each night. I get the huge bed to myself!! Lastnight Amy had a friend sleep over, so I gave them my bed and I slept in the girl's room in Amy's bed. (Side note...her bed is very comfy!) In the middle of the night Joel woke up. He got out of bed, walked over to Emily's bed, and woke her up. He told her that his foot hurt. I was two feet away, but neither of them was aware of it. Emily took such good care of Joel and I got to hear the whole thing. She picked him up and put him in her bed. She found out which foot hurt and she rubbed it until he said that it didn't hurt anymore. Then she went into his room to get him something. She came back, told Joel to lay down, and they fell back to sleep cuddled up in her bed together. I often find Joel in Emily's bed, but I have never heard her take care of him in the night. It warmed this women's heart to hear the love that was demonstrated and see the love this morning when I woke up!!


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

THAT IS SO SWEET!! Can she come spend the night here?? :)

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

That's just precious. What a good and loving sister.

Thomas and Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing but it comes at no have such great kids!

Pegsy said...

That is a really precious story - one that I know you will treasure in your heart forever!

geisme said...

Awww, how precious is that. My girls will never have that. But they do have each other & for that I'm thankful. I love to see them loving on each other. Lately we've been trying to separate them a bit more & it is soooo cute. Hugging & kissing before they leave, talking on the phone if they have to call for something.

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