Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday was the BEST Valentine's Day I ever remember having. It started out with cooking a brunch with Jeff for a couple's retreat. I love working with my husband!!!! While in the midst of working, Jeff surprised me with a beautiful rose and a kiss! I felt so special and loved. Later that day Jeff and I went out on a date. I could choose anywhere I wanted to eat. I thought of all those nice restaurants that would cost us at least $25.00 to eat at and said no thank you. I chose my favorite fast food place....Chick-Fil-A. I have only eaten there a couple of times, because it is so expensive. To me this was a total treat, but for much less than the other places!! Chick-Fil-A was having a special night for all of us Valentine diners. Jeff and I were seated at a reserved table. It was decorated very nicely. They even gave me a fresh flower and a heart shaped brownie!! This may not sound romantic to you, but this was perfect for Jeff and I. I LOVED IT and I want to go back again next year. We also went shopping while we were out. I found an incrediable pair of jeans at Christopher and Banks for $5.00!! (They were miss sized. According to those jeans I can fit a size 6!! HAHA!!! I felt like the Lord put thse jeans there for me. They were the last pair left. All those dear size 6 ladies couldn't wear them and all those dear ladies that are "lucky" enough not to be a 6 passed them right up!!) The day was just perfect in every way, except for one thing. The children and I were going to decorate heart shaped cookies when we got home. I had been on a mission for days to find fun Valentine sprinkles for the kids to decorate cookies with. We ended our date last night without the prized sprinkles. I was very disappointed, but everything else was so wonderful....I could over look my lack of sprinkles. I got home, took the cookies out of the freezer, and made the frosting. While in search for food coloring to make some pretty pink frosting, I came across two brand new packages of Valentine sprinkles!!!! They were exactly what I was looking to buy!!! I do not remember buying them after Valentine's Day last year, but I must have!!! You should have seen me jumping all around the house like an idiot. I was so excited that God had not allowed me to find any sprinkles in the seven or more stores that I searched. I was also so thankful that He allowed me to find them right BEFORE we decorated the cookies!! My God is so great and concerned about all my "little" things. I went to bed last night feeling loved by my dear husband and loved by my God!!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing about your day. I would enjoy a date at Chik-fil-a right now too! Really any date that was at a clean place and I did not have stray dogs staring at me while I eat...Needless to say we don't eat out here in Bontoc as it is not very romantic:)

I am so happy that God blessed your day.

GE is me said...

Glad you had a great Valentine's day! :) I love when God shows us he is in the "little" details as well! :)

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