Tuesday, January 27, 2009

His mind

Joel has such a quick mind and likes to talk non-stop, so I have many stories to tell you! Here is our latest thing that he said. He has a real fascination with "bad words" his favorite being the word...stupid! He is not allowed to say stupid. For weeks he has been telling me over and over again, "I not say that bad word." I just respond with, "Good Joel, thank you." This has gone on for weeks no joke. Apparently not saying the bad word was just killing him. The other day he started something new.

Joel-"Mommy, did you hear that?"
me-"No, Joel I did not. What was it?"
Joel-"My truck just called me STUPID!"
me (acting very sorry and concerned)-"Oh no Joel. Please tell that truck not to call you names like that."
Joel (very sternly)-"Truck, my mommy said no call me stupid."
He went back to playing nicely for about ten minutes and then the truck got mouthy again.
Joel-"Mommy, my truck called me stupid again."
me-"Joel tell your truck, if he can't talk nicely we will have to get rid of him."
me-"Yes, Joel."
Joel-"The couch just called me STUPID!"

What do you think....do we get rid of the couch or Joel?


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

What a turkey! My kids have pulled that one, too... "Mom, we're not supposed to say stupid or shut-up, right?"

Anonymous said...

Oh that is hilarious!! You have one bright child who is really trying not to be bad.
You should tell him to tell the couch that if it doesn't stop calling him stupid then he won't be able to sit on it and keep the couch company. Love you Mom

Pegsy said...

What a little booger! But, my vote is to keep him! :-) Cause he's just too cute! Thanks for making me laugh!

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