Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first day

Yesterday was my first day of Algebra. I LOVED IT!! I loved the whole being taught process. I loved doing homework. I loved getting out of the house. I loved coming home to my family!!

I am very happy that Jeff is a whizz at math, because when I was all done with my homework we went over it together. It was so much fun to do it together! I just hope he still enjoys doing homework with me next year and the year after.
For now....we are not going to get a computer at the our house. After being without it for a little over a week, I realize how addicted I had become to the stupid thing. I have neglected A LOT, because I was on the computer. I am sure that we will get one again someday......just not in the near future!!! I feel so free and I love it!!!!!

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