Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't put off until tomorrow what you should do today!!

This will be short, but I learned a huge lesson today.  I have been in the process of changing email accounts.  I was told by Intergate that I had until tomorrow the 22 to get everything done.  You know me, I put everything off until the last moment.  I did it again today and I LOST almost EVERYTHING!!!  Intergate deactivated my account a day early!  There is no way that they can retrieve any of my emails or addresses.  I really must stop putting things off until later!!!  Hopefully this is a lesson learned for a long time. 


GE is me said...

I don't like those lessons either and since I'm a procrastinator.... (I NEVER learn those lessons!) ;)
On a different note- how is school going?
I hope well.

Pegsy said...

Oh dear! That's too bad that happened. We lost all our e-mails, addresses, etc. once because our computer crashed and died and nothing could be retrieved. It was not fun trying to rebuild everything.

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