Friday, February 13, 2009

Potty Training 101

I have been very busy potty training Joel for the past week. Through all this potty training I have learned a few lessons that I would like to share with you.
  • You can never have enough clean underwear the first day of training.
  • Boys can soak dry underwear while going potty on the toilet.
  • Don't start them too young. They get this whole potty training thing MUCH faster when they are old enough to understand it all.
  • Potty training children sometimes fear having the first bowel movement on the potty. I have learned the trick.....refried beans morning, noon, and night!! After two days they can't help but have a BM!!!
  • Be careful how hard you grab and yank on the zipper to your little boys jeans. You just might grab and yank something other than a zipper.
  • Do not play hide and seek with a potty training child. When they are looking the other way for you and you scare them when you run up behind them...they will scream VERY loudly and wet their pants.
  • Get very excited with every success. They really are proud of themselves. I am cherishing every huge, potty training smile I have been shone!!!
  • Stick with it...even if they seem to be having a horrible attitude about it!!
  • You will so enjoy seeing your little boy out of a diaper and into underwear!! They are so cute running around the house "ALL GROWN UP"!!

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GE is me said...

I loved the comment about refried beans & BM's! :) I actually chuckled at it.

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