Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Airport drama

Today my favorite Lauren in all the world flew to North Carolina!! Jeff, Daniel, Joel, Lauren and I left the house at 10:30 am to make sure we had plenty of time to make it to Midway before Lauren's 2:50 flight. We actually got there in GREAT time. We had SO much time to spare before she left. We watched many planes land while we past the time talking. After about an hour or so, it was time to go to the gate. Only one adult and any children under 13 were able to go through security to take Lauren to her plane. I chose for Jeff and the boys to go which left me all by myself in the baggage claim area. I worked on some homework that I had brought with me and when I got bored of that......I had the most wonderful time making "friends". I must have chosen the perfect spot, because as soon as one "friend" would leave another one would sit down. I had a blast getting to know people, not one person seemed to mind telling me all about themselves. My time went by very quickly and uneventfully, but not so for Jeff and the kids. I will try my best to retell the story that has been told to me.

For some reason before Jeff and the kids went through security, Jeff put our van keys in Lauren backpack....FULLY INTENDING TO GET THEM OUT AS SOON AS THEY MADE IT PAST SECURITY!!! But apparently Joel distracted Jeff and the keys were forgotten. Our van keys made it all the way onto the plane, with EVERY other passenger. The plane door was closed and those keys were ready to depart. At the last possible moment my dear husband remembered our van keys. If you know anything about my husband this next part of the story will seem unbelievable. He actually had to QUICKLY GET SOME ONE'S ATTENTION and TALK TO THAT PERSON!! He must have done a great job of communicating, because they didn't depart, they opened the door back up, and gave us our precious keys back. Thank you Southwest!
Jeff and the boys found me talking to my newest friends and then it was time to leave the airport. We parked way out TO SAVE MONEY and got to ride a shuttle to our van. I FULLY INTENDED ON SAVING US MONEY, I thought that all economy parking was cheapest. WRONG!!! We were charged $14.00 for two and a half hours of parking. It is a good thing that I saved us so much money yesterday, we needed it today!! By the way, planes travel VERY FAST....Lauren called us from the Raleigh/Durham Airport before we ever made it back into the state of Michigan!!


Jennifer said...

Wow, Your lucking the Airlines are not always so nice. I am glad you got the keys:) Hope you had a great weekend

Pegsy said...

Wow, what a story! I would have been FREAKING OUT!! I'm so glad you got your keys back! Jen's right...I'm surprised they were so nice and accomodating! Hope Lauren has a wonderful time!

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