Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have a lot of catching up to do

A lot is happening here at our house.

The biggest news is that I am seriously thinking about going to college to become a nurse!! I have always wanted to do this, but never had enough confidence in myself. Not that the confidence level has changed much, but I really think that I can do this. Jeff and the family are fine with it. The only thing holding me back is the winter weather that I would have to drive in. I know that that sounds really lame, but I am not a big fan of icy snowy roads!!

Our next bit of excitement is that Lauren is going to be going to our public high school this next school year. I have home schooled her all the way up to this point and I am so scared of making a mistake by sending her to public school. I am very excited about not being responsible for her education, but I am afraid of all the junk that comes with public school. I have so many questions. Will she really get a better education than what she can get here at home? Will her homework be so intense that we don't even see her anymore? Will I regret this choice? Will she thank me later for sending her to school or will she wish that I kept her home? I know....I over analize EVERYTHING!!! I am sure that I will relax much more with each child going to high school, but this first one is freaking me out!!! It doesn't help any that when I tell people about it the majority of the comments are not favorable at all. I feel very looked down upon for sending her. Jeff and I are totally united on this though, so that helps me some.

I NEED to potty train Joel SOON!!! In March we are heading out on annual drive in the van for 5 FULL days (at least 10 hours a day/ one as much as 15 hours) to visit family and friends. We go to Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and then home to Michigan. We do this all in 2 1/2 weeks or so. I am not sure that I really want Joel out of diapers during this trip, but I don't think that I will have much time to do it when we get back home. I just need to start doing it or I will never get it done.

I totally cleaned out some major clutter in our house recently. I filled the van FULL of trash and then again with Goodwill and garage sale stuff. It feels so great to be clutter free. Things now have a place and it is so much easier to keep clean!! I actually feel like someone could walk in my house and I wouldn't be embarrassed. It is such a great feeling. It almost feels as good as losing 20 pounds!!

My dad got us a Wii for Christmas. We are LOVING it!!!! My favorite game is the golf targets. He also got us the Wii Fit, but we have not opened it yet. I am afraid of it at this point. I don't want to break it. Yes, I know that it is not doing us any good in the box. Maybe we will get it out tonight!!

Oh yeah...I never told you all what I did to myself the other day. I was closing the sliding door of our van and I shut my finger in it!! It was wierdest thing, I saw my finger before I felt the pain. I hurried and got it out and then it started to hurt. In fact it still hurts me, but I have great hope that it will stop hurting soon.

I hope to talk to you all again soon. Have a great day!


Emily Jennings said...

Wow! That is a lot of news! I want a Wii! That sounds so fun. We are potty training too, you know. Good luck. And public school for Lauren? Awesome. I know that'll be hard, but you've trained her well. And WOW for nursing. That's super. can't wait to hear how it all pans out.
Stay warm.

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Holy moley, girl! That is a lot of info to process at once. I'm going to go in reverse order...


You should definitely take the adventure - pull out the Wii Fit - it'll be fun (or so I hear). My mom got a Wii for "the family" that will stay at her house for all the kids (big and small) to play. We all love the bowling.

That clutter-free feeling is so liberating! Good for you!

I would say - get the potty training over with before the trip. Just look at your calendar, set aside two weeks, and tackle it. Don't even leave your house for the first week, and after that (until you're home from your trip) bring a potty with you wherever you go. He'll do it as soon as he senses your determination. (Of course, this advice is coming from a girl who hasn't potty trained a boy in a very long time...the last 3 were girls.)

I can't believe it - people are so critical sometimes. I bet those who aren't supporting your decision are the same ones who told you it was crazy to homeschool. If you're obeying God, trust Him to honour your decision. Lauren will do great!

And nursing? You must have a stomach of iron. I have no doubt that you will successfully accomplish any goal you put your mind to. Keep praying, and I'll pray that God makes it clear to you.

What an adventurer you are! Fun stuff. Love and hugs.

geisme said...

Judith, I like what ET had to say. As far as the homeschooling thing-not sure of your reasoning behind it, and it isn't my place to be. I think the important thing(s) to remember is a) you have trained her well; b)you & Jeff are united c)you can always change your mind and pull her out at any time. I have a friend who just pulled her boys as they were so far behind they would have to repeat the grade.
ET is probably 100% right about the critical ones(please don't mistake my comments as being critical, because they certainly were not intended that way); they probably thought you were crazy to homeschool in the 1st place.
Nursing- I have 100% faith that you can do this. You are obviously a smart & at least somewhat organized lady to be able to do all you do. i.e. homeschool all the children, be a missionary, run the camp and I'm sure the list goes on.
I'll be praying for you that God makes your paths clear.
In Christ, -Gail

Thomas and Lisa said...

I agree that was a lot of information in one post! I am so thankful for the internet and blogs so I can keep up with friends and family. I understand how difficult it is to hear criticism about your schooling decisions. You probably heard plenty about your homeschooling. The bottom line is God gave you these children and it is your job, not others, to make these decisions. High school is intimidating whether at home or private or public! The important thing is that you and Jeff follow what God is telling you to do. Maybe you and Lauren can sit down and do your homework together!
Potty training...I am not an expert at this,as for most of my girls it was not a fun experience. (The easiest was Annalise that I refused to start the process until she was 3 and then it was complete rather quickly even at night.) I am just glad I am not needing to worry about that anymore especially in a place with squattie potties:)

Jennifer said...

Wow, Thank you for sharing all the info! I can see you as a nurse you have a kind heart:) What part of Florida? I would love to see you and the family

Pegsy said...

It was great to hear all your news and catch up on everything going on. That's exciting you got a Wii! We've found it to be great family fun AND fun with friends who come visit! We finally have a "cool" house for teenagers and it's been nice to have that to bridge the gap.

I totally understand your wrestlings with the decision to send Lauren to highschool. I've had the same thoughts and questions myself at times. Some days I feel my kids would be so much better off without me, and other days just the thought of them in "real" school makes me cringe. I just have to remember that whatever happens, God is the one ultimately protectiong and teaching my children. He's just using me (or another teacher), but the end result is up to Him. I will be praying that God's peace will reign in your heart as you send your daughter to school each morning. I'm sure it will be a great year for all of you! Don't let anyone make you feel bad - people should be ashamed of themselves sometimes...

Have a great weekend!

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