Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 Father Daughter Banquet

Lauren, Emily, and Amy get to go to the Father Daughter Banquet here at the camp each year. While they are there they help their daddy with his work. When there isn't anything left for the children to do, they go to their seat and enjoy the food and the program. This night is always fun for the them all.

Amy helping Daddy make the punch.

Emily paying close attention to Daddy showing them how to cut the pies.

SMILE for the camera!!!

Little Miss America cutting her first pie.

A quick picture of them together before Daddy had to run refill something.


ET said...

That's so great! I just love to see daddies taking special time with their kids.

(Your kids aren't too shy about the camera, eh?! LOL.)

Peggy said...

Your girls' are so beautiful!

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