Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My exercise program

All these hills are right outside my house. Joel must think that I don't walk up and down them enough. He has come up with a great workout plan for me! I let him go outside to play in front of the house where there are no hills!! He runs down a hill and won't come back up when I call him. I have to go down the hill and CARRY him back up!! Joel weighs almost 40 pounds and he is very heavy for me!! This great workout plan is doing a real number on my legs and my lungs! You should hear me breathing when I get back home. I have to wait a minute or two to discipline him, because I am so out of breath!! I think that his plan is working though. My legs hurt just sitting here typing this post! By the time he learns that I mean business and stops going down the hill without someone to watch him, I will be in pretty good shape!! Well maybe not, but I will be better off than I am today!!


Joann said...

Idea! Try walking down the hill with him, then race him up the hill. Good aerobics and not as much weight lifting. Boy I am one to talk. Love Joann

Peggy said...

This is too funny! Way to look at things in a positive light!

I LOVE the new picture in your header! Did you have to get Brandy to redo that or can you do that on your own?

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