Monday, April 21, 2008

Our new nephew!!!

I am SO excited to be able to introduce you to my new nephew. Technically I can't really introduce you, because I have yet to meet him.....but I can show you a picture of this little cutie!! His name is Cameron and he was adopted from Ethiopia. Jimmy and Lori (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) just got back with Cameron Saturday night. Cameron and his new family are spending lots of time together bonding with each other. In every picture I have seen, Cameron has the BIGGEST smile!! He is a very happy little guy!!

I have heard that Cameron is not only happy, but full of energy!! I am so excited that Lori finally got a child that has SOME energy!! I have been jealous of her for years! You see, it all started almost 14 years ago. Austin is just two months older than my Lauren, and those two children are as different as night and day. Austin practically slept the first five years of his life. He napped ALL afternoon and then slept 12 or so hours a night!! Lauren on the other hand didn't learn to like sleep until she turned about 12!! She hated to take naps and woke us ALL up early every morning. Ten years after having Austin, Lori gave birth to yet.....another sleeper! Bradley is just like Austin when it comes to sleeping! I on the other hand gave birth to yet....... another baby that had NO idea why on Earth naps were so important. Joel didn't take one good nap until he turned 11 months old!! Now he sleeps, but still not as much as Bradley does. I am just happy that God finally saw the need for making things a little more even between Lori and I!! Thank you God!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judith,
Wow, we are in awe of God's hand moving in the Life Action Camp. We are in tears with joy over the new nephew. All the glory to God! He is so faithful. We will be up for week 2 of camp but are hoping to get up there at least one time before camp so we can get some work done. We want to do the side of your house at the top of the hill so people can enjoy the fresh smell of flowers on their way up the hill. Please give all our love and tell Jimmy and Lori congratulations!

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