Friday, April 18, 2008

I have been tagged!!

I would never had known this month that I had been tagged, but Tyler commented on my last post to let me know. I am so excited...I love to be tagged. Thanks Tyler for making my day!!

What was I doing 10 years ago....
Diapers, diapers, and more diapers!! I only had three children at the time, but they were very young!! Lauren was 3, Emily was 1, and Daniel was 6 months old. I think that I basically was just surviving my days. I so remember that time being very tough for me. I was a VERY angry mom and I was not content with anything. YUCK! I just don't even like remembering those days. Let's move on to something much more fun.

Five things on my to do list for today....
1. Get up at 6:00 and spend time with the Lord. (check)
2. Do school with the children. (check)
3. Make pizza for supper. (check)
4. Sweep and scrub the floor.
5. Clean out fridge.
Well, at least I got the important ones done! HAHA

Five snacks that I enjoy....
1. Chocolate chips and peanuts
2. Baked chips
3. Fruit
4. Ice cream
5. Pretzels

Five things that I would do if I were a billionaire...
1. I would make staff housing here at the camp SOOOO awesome!!
2. Go on many missionary trips with the family.
3. Travel the USA in a brand new motor home....for pure enjoyment! Stop whenever we want, stay where ever we want, and eat what ever we want. We would have so much fun together!
4. Open up several orphanages.
5. I would save millions and give away several hundred millions. The giving away of the money would be so totally incredible!!!

Five bad habits.....
1. Eating when I am stressed.
2. Staying up WAY to late at night.
3. Being disorganized.
4. Procrastination!!!
5. Assuming things without all the facts.

Five places that I have lived....
1. Gloversville, New York
2. Naples, Florida
3. Bradenton, Florida
4. Buchanan, Michigan
5. Many many other places all over America, but I only lived in each place for about three weeks.

Five jobs that I have had...
1. I was a putt-putt golf cashier. I took the money and then handed over the club and ball.
2. I was a nanny for 5 boys.
3. I taught Happiness Club (4 year olds thru 1st grade) while traveling with Life Action Ministries.
4. Wife
5. Mother, cook, and teacher

Wow, that was fun. I hope that you enjoyed getting to know more about me.

Now I am tagging...
Karen Sutton


ET said...

I remember the angry mom stage. In fact, we're still working on that (God and I). After #3 and post-partum depression, I developed a BAD habit of yelling to get the kids to respond. Each day that I make it through without raising my voice is a miracle and blessing from God above.

Thanks for filling us in! I love hearing little tidbits about my bloggy friends. :)

Peggy said...

Oops, I just saw this tag! I'll have to save it till later this week, but I promise I'll do it! I'm trying to cut down on computer like you are....

Tabitha said...

Great fun to learn more about you as I munch on a handful of chocolate chips... :)

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