Monday, April 21, 2008

The joys of chores

We have consistently been doing chores for a long time now. Each of the four older children have specific chores that are assigned to them.

  • Lauren- dishes
  • Emily- vacuuming/ folding laundry
  • Daniel- trash/ folding laundry
  • Amy- shake out rugs/ clean bathroom sinks and counters/ put away dishes

Things have gotten pretty messy around the house. The children have not been doing their chores diligently. I love to have my house clean, but I am not a drill Sergent. I will let the kids go out and play before certain chores are done and then.......they never get done. I have prayed for a a new way to do chores so that they would have fun and get the work done! Last week I found a great idea in a magazine. Today was our first day to implement the new plan.......and I am loving it!!!

Here is the plan: Write each chore on a craft stick/ or a piece of paper. Put them in a cup. Put a blank or two in there also!! Make sure that there is an even number for all people involved. The children get to "draw"out what chores they are going to do that day!! At our house I put chores in for me to do too! The children were SO excited that I was "doing chores" with them. I just put some of my normal daily things on the list of chores and now I get some variety too. It was very fun for all involved and they got their chores done in record time!!

Do you have any other ideas to share with us? Please leave a comment!! I will post about the ideas, give me enough good ones!!


Karen said...

My mom did that too, but not the blank ones! (I wish) She would pick a chores for our cleaning on Saturday (to deep clean) then we would draw like you do.

We also did a point chart. Each thing was worth so many points, like teeth, dishes, bed, attitude, bible reading. etc. Then if we got a certain #of points we received $ OK it was more like cents than dollars. We also go negative points for bad behavior (disobeying, talking back, fighting etc...)

Jen said...

we had something like this one summer when i was a kid. each chore was worth a certain amount of money so once we did that chore we'd get paid. it didn't last very long because i think my brother and i had bigger financial 'needs' than our chores gave us so our mom just gave up keeping track of it all. i do remember i ended up doing most of the big things like dishes and vaccuuming and my brother did all the smaller chores.

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