Monday, April 28, 2008

Good point!

Emily and I were "discussing" something that had happened earlier this morning. We kept stating our way of what happened. Jeff very nicely stepped into our "conversation" and said, 'Okay ladies you are both on the same page and it is time to stop "talking"." Emily and I just sort of laughed and thought...Same page? Are you kidding me? At that point Amy made a very wise observation.....Yeah, they are on the same page, but they are reading different parts!

Have you ever thought of it that way?


Mom said...

Just how old is Amy Jo again? Did I fall asleep for a few years and no one has informed me yet. That child is so mature in her way of thinking and she totally amazes me with her thought process. I did tell you they grow way too fast. I know you enjoy being their Mom for reason like this. Love you.

Peggy said...

No, I never thought of it that way! That's pretty insightful and something I should remember!

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