Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cookie Fun

We made cookies the other day. Our old stove did not have a window for the children to look into, but our new stove does! I think that the children had just as much fun watching the cookies bake as they did putting frosting on them.

We did not frost them alone. We had some friends over for dinner and the children decorated our dessert. We did this down at the lodge, because there just was not enough room in my house for everybody! There were a total of 11 children decorating at one time. It was so much fun.


Grammie said...

I do hope you packaged some up to send my way..they sure look good enough to eat. Mmmm Mmmm!!!! I can fit it into my diet any day of the week.

Brandy said...

yah, I think I can do that....but I don't know how timely I'll be, lol. I have been really busy lately, so it might be a couple of weeks, but I'll get to it. Go ahead and e mail me,


GE is me said...

I love the picture of the children gathered around the stove watching the cookies bake. :)

Peggy said...

That is so cute! I'm glad you're enjoying the new oven!

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