Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jeff!!

Today is Jeff's 41st birthday. This morning we went to a meeting at headquarters. The whole topic was the differences of the male brain and the female's brain. I left that meeting really appreciating the differences that Jeff and I have. I pray that I can remember to be thankful for them the next time we differ about something!! During the meeting, the children stayed home by themselves. (Karen was right next door if they needed her.) While we were away, the children decorated the house for Jeff. They put up streamers and signs all over the place. They apparently had a great time while we were gone! Jeff is working hard to lose all of those extra summer pounds that he acquired this season, so no cake and ice cream for him!!! The children and I are disappointed, but it really is better for us all!


Karen said...

Two things...
1- Where's the picture of the birthday boy? :)
2- I think I would've had the ice cream/cake for us to celebrate anyway... give him an apple or something! :)

ME said...

The best present I could give him, would be NOT to post a picture!!
We survived without the cake and ice cream.

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