Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beach fun?

I will start with the best part about the beach yesterday.
The gulf temperature was PERFECT!!!! I don't remember ever going and having it be so wonderful!
Okay, now I will write about the rest of our trip. All was going great, Jeff was holding Joel in his arms. The waves were strong, but he didn't think that they were to bad. WRONG! I guess a big one came in and hit Jeff. He didn't fall, but he jerked a little. Joel freaked out!! He refused to go back in the water. He wanted nothing to do with the water again. We spent the rest of the time there listening to Joel either fuss or SCREAM! I was sure that the beach security was going to come over and see if we were trying to kidnap Joel or something. He was honestly screaming that loud!!
I was so excited about getting some good pictures. I got two pictures, before my batteries died! I am usually more prepared, but not yesterday. Oh well.
The last bad news that I have son Daniel, who is known for losing his shoes, lost them once again! He left them right there on the beach!! We weren't aware of the shoe loss until later when we were headed to the mall. We took a fast trip to a local Salvation Army and found him a replacement pair for the rest of vacation. Praise the Lord that we didn't have to buy him a brand new pair.
The rest of the day was uneventful.

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