Sunday, September 30, 2007

Favorite inventions

Here is a list of some of my favorite inventions at the moment.

#1. little radios with headphones ( Jeff can keep up with the Cubs and I don't have to hear it!!)
#2. sneakers with the backs not there ( I can just slip my feet in and not have to tie the laces every time!!)
#3. digital cameras ( I love taking pictures and so do the children!!)
#4. sound machines or noise maker ( It allows my children to all sleep in the same room, and not bother each other when they wake up in the morning.)
#5. cell phones ( I can call someone when I am out by myself and I am bored.)
#6. my washer and dryer ( Can't even imagine how hard my life would be without them.)
#7. portable DVD player ( I love being in a dark room, by myself, and watching the movie right there on my lap!!)
#8. pencils with liquid lead ( I have these for Daniel. He never has to spend half his school day breaking and sharpening his pencil point again. It seriously has saved our home school day!!)
#9. heating and air conditioning ( I like to be comfortable!!)
This last one is my absolute favorite new invention for 2007
#10. Ultra Downy with Febreze!!!!!! ( A summer staffer left a bottle of this WONDERFUL stuff and I got a hold of it. You all know how cheap I am. I am actually considering buying a bottle each month. This stuff really works. I soak my clothes in it for awhile before the washer spins it all out. I used it on one of Joel's blankets last week and it still smells good!! )

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