Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lots of action

Thursday we went to a hands on kids museum. We all had a blast!! Even Joel was playing with everything. There were two favorite parts for me. The first one was almost as soon as we entered. There was a table with a computer screen on it. Connected to the screen were two head bands that measured brain waves. There were chairs for two people to sit in. Each one sat on opposite sides of the table, with there head band on.. In between the players was a ball. There were markings on the table that the ball "moved" on. The object of the game was to relax. The more you relaxed the further the ball moved away from you toward your finish line. What ever finish line the ball crossed first, determined the winner. I should have expected this outcome, but our Daniel could NOT win!! I have always suspected that he could not be calm, but now it is confirmed. He was beat over and over again, and in record time!! My next favorite part was a camera that took my picture. After it took the picture, I could tweak it to make it look funny. I got a picture taken from my shoulders up, then I was trying to make it look funny. But I made it long and it actually looked GOOD. I looked thin and my hair was long and pretty. I wish I could actually look like that for real! It was fun to look pretty for even just a minute!

Friday we went to the Tampa Zoo. We had a very fun time out in the 92 degree sunshine. HA HA!! Actually poor Jeff looked as though he had been sprayed with a hose. He was sweating so badly! The rest of us did have fun even though we were hot. Our favorite part was the sprinkler section that the kids and I ran through!! Amy got soaked from her head to her toes. She was almost dry when we left the zoo an hour later. It was all in all a great time. Thanks Dad for all these memories that you allowed us to have.

Today we are leaving the hotel. We leave Bradenton EARLY tomorrow morning. We will be in Huntsville, AL Sunday night until early Tuesday morning. We should be home Tuesday night. I can't believe vacation is over already! When I get home, real life begins with a vengence. (school and cooking again) My two favorite things to do in all the world!! YUCK!!

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