Friday, September 28, 2007


Things are going great here. This week has been a really good one! Everything is just as it should be. I wish every week could be this good.
The children are ALL doing very well at school. You have no idea how much easier my "job" is when they decide to do what they should. Their attitudes are so encouraging to me. I actually am not dreading school Monday morning!!!
The weather has been incrediable!! It has been sunny and beautiful outside all day!
Jeff and I are doing great. We usually are, but I am always thankful just the same.
The new Bible study I started last week is WONDERFUL!! Beth Moore has such a way to get us in the Word! I love her studies!!!
I am eating right again now that we are back from vacation. That always makes me happy!
My children are healthy again.
Last but not least, tomorrow is SATURDAY!!

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