Sunday, September 23, 2007

It has its avantages and its disadvantages

What am I talking about? My topic for tonight is.....being the baby in this family! Sometimes I think that Joel's life is utopia, other times I feel sorry for him.

1. He hardly ever has to walk anywhere. There is always someone picking him up and saying, "Hi, Buddy!"
2. He has an endless supply of entertainment. Never mind all the toys he has. He more enjoys his family playing with him.
3. I am so much more relaxed with him than I ever was with Lauren. And girl let me tell you, they are SO alike!! Lauren just laughs when he is at his worst, she sees her own sin nature through his.
4. Joel rarely gets a moment to himself.
5. He often has to hear my instructions repeated by three other people in a matter of seconds. This is no exaggeration!
ME- Joel hand me your cup.
(A pause of about two seconds) DANIEL- Joel hand Mommy your cup.
(Another pause...maybe three seconds) EMILY- Joel do you want Sissy to play with you? Hand Mommy your cup.
(no pause) AMY- Joel, Mommy wants you to give her your cup.
(Now it has been what....ten seconds since I first spoke. All eyes are on Joel.) ME- Okay ya' all, let me be the mommy! Joel give me your cup.
CRASH!! Yep, the cup lands on the floor. I guess he does not like so many people telling him what to do.
6. He always has someone to feel sorry for him, if he is crying. (Not usually me though.) I have an example from today. He fell and he started to cry. Amy immediately picked him up. He didn't stop crying, so Emily came over and reached for him. He went right to her. She walked him my way and he reached for me. I took him and tried to settle him down. He didn't stop crying until Daniel had held him for a few seconds. (The kid is good or that was a really bad fall!)
7. He has the chance to learn things so much faster than the rest did. He has so many examples to follow. He is very smart!
8. He doesn't have to wait for much. When I am busy, there are a bunch of other people that can meet his need.
9. He doesn't always get the sleep he needs. If he makes a peep, someone usually thinks that means he needs to get up!
10. Everybody in this house thinks that Joel is SO cute!!

All in all, I think it has its great advantages and its small disadvantages!!

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Karen said...

OK I think this was the FUNNIEST post you've had! I was laughing so much! Maybe it's because I see it happening so much! :)

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