Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi, from Bradenton, FL!!

Wouldn't you know, we lost power and phone at home and I couldn't blog for almost a week. When I was able to blog again, I was way to busy packing for vacation. Then when I get to Florida, a computer was not easily accessible. Well I am SO excited!!! Here at our hotel is a computer right in the lobby that I can use anytime!!! I AM BACK!!

Here are some things that have happened since I last wrote....
1. Joel learned two new words. (I PROMISE NOT FROM ME) He now runs around when he is playing with his cars and yells,"DIE, DIE, DIE." It sounds more like diiieee! His next new word is MINE! He left Michigan saying just a hand full of words and now he is speaking hate and selfishness. How do they grow up so fast?
2. I missed seeing Emily Jennings in Greenville. She was there visiting her parents the same time that I would have been there if I had gone with Jeff to his mom's! Can you believe that? I am really bummed. That would have been fun!
3. Emily and I were given money to go on a shopping spree!! Sears was having a great sale, so I was able to buy a lot with my dad's money. Almost all clothing items in the ladies department was on sale for $4.99! I had a blast!! I also bought stuff from Bath and Body Works. They were having a buy one get one free sale.
4. We went to an aquarium.
5. I got to spend lots of extra time with my dad. So much nicer without all the children running around.
6. I still do not want to go back home yet!
7. We found something that Joel just loves to do. He loves to get chased by his PAPA. When we are out shopping, dad needs to use those power wheel chair things that are offered in most stores. Well Joel enjoys calling for PAPA and then dad "chases"him. It is very funny to watch.
8. My mother-in-law sent me some of her wonderful cake!! (Yes, we are sharing it with the kids)
I will write again later and if I can figure it out I will try to post some pictures.

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Karen said...

I'm sorry you don't want to come home! Your house REALLY misses you! So do my boys! I think the neighbors do to... Carter is now knocking on their door 200 times everyday. He wants to know if Austin is done school yet! I'm sure you've not heard him ask that question!
It is sooo cool up here.. we have our air off and the door open (it HAS to be cool for me to open my door... right!) In fact it's supposed to be cooler tommorrow... soon the leaves will turn. (do you want to come back yet? I'm still thinking... How could you not... with Carter knocking, leaves turning... oh, my boys are now MUCH louder when they fight!)
I miss you have fun though... but not so much you don't come back!

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